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Our Team

Our team is easy to talk to, able to provide samples, and will meet with you at your convenience. We offer free quotes and are here to help you make an informed decision.

Superior Steel Roofing Systems employees are well trained in the most updated standards for the practice and especially safety. All installation crews are WSIB compliant. Our primary goal is the safe installation of your high quality steel roof.

Our team leaders have an uncanny eye for detail and will inspect and ensure that your installation was done properly. They are there to answer your questions and guide the entire process. Our recipe is quality and our process will ensure you are an informed and satisfied customer.


We take as much care and pride in our cleanup process as we do with all other stages of installation. Superior Steel Roofing crews do everything possible to minimize unnecessary mess. From using tarps to magnetic brooms a thorough cleanup is part of your quality installation.

Screws vs Nails

Not all fasteners are created equal. To ensure the best quality for our customers, the team at Superior Steel Roofing Systems has invested in using screws as an alternative to nails during the installation of our steel shakes. While this may seem like a minor variance for the additional cost and time, these innovative changes can actually make a drastic difference in extending the lifetime of your roofing system and preventing costly repairs.

While the argument can be made that high-quality nails can resist the application of shear force, the actual damage to roofing systems is slowly applied over time. The standard practice of using wood strapping means that as the wood dries and expands from exposure and age, it will try to eject the selected fastener. The threading from a screw can resist this ejection force where a nail alone could not. This process of ejection, referred to as pull out, is the reason screws can be seen on high quality installations of decking or drywall. Screws are the preferred choice in application after application.

One solution that is often offered for nails is to leave the top part of the nails exposed so they do not pull out under the direct stress of expansion. Not only does this fail in its goal, it also increases the distance between the nail and the roof which can cause roof leakages and other problems including a reduced aesthetic value. At Superior Steel Roofing Systems, we have specially designed our steel shakes to reduce the impact of any expansion and contraction our steel roofs experience. Any remaining stress is absorbed by the color matched washers on the screws, which ensure a tight seal between the screw head and the steel shake. These superior materials and the additional time to ensure they are properly secured, promises a beautiful and enduring end product for many years to come.


When it comes to products and our installation materials – we use nothing but the absolute best. Your steel roof will be locally and custom manufactured.