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Superior Steel Roofing System’s goal is to provide you with the absolute best roof money can buy. Our superior attention to detail, product, and service speak for itself. Just ask our customers!

Bob Izumi here, when my wife, Sandy and I were looking for a new roof we were weighing all the possibilities between an asphalt and steel roof. We asked friends, family, and people we knew in the industry, but once we met Jack Odorico from Superior Steel Roofing we knew we had found our answer. He showed us his product and explained how it would be installed. Most importantly his family had been in the industry since the early 50’s and he stood behind his work and commitment 110%. The best decision we ever made was going with Superior Steel Roofing!

The proof that we had made the right decision was shown in every step that Superior Steel Roofing had made. The first morning they showed up, the crew hit the pavement running! They were like a well oiled pit crew. Every man had his job and went at it efficiently. They were so efficient that they even completed the work ahead of schedule.

The things that impressed us the most, were the extra steps they always took to look after us. They replaced a piece of flashing on our gable that had been bent from years ago from a storm. They removed an old antenna from our roof and informed us that we had a crack in our chimney and should have it looked at right away. We did, and we were very thankful for the way the crew were always looking after us.

As impressed as we were at this point, things got even better. Days after the roof had been completed; there was a tornado watch in our area. It was going to be the first test this new roof was going to face. Seeing how it was going to handle the strong winds and rain was exciting. Well it was a torrential downpour and the only sounds we heard, was the rain hitting the windows. It was amazing, patio furniture was blown around, tree branches were down, but our new roof was unscathed. We’ve had a few storms since then and the new steel roof is quieter than it was when we had asphalt singles. We always wondered before if a steel roof would be noisy, well we can now assure that our steel roof is quieter than our old single roof! Plus we no longer are picking up, blown off shingles from around the house.

This new steel roof has been one of the best investments we have ever made in our lives. Our house is a large asset, this steel roof not only makes it look beautiful, but it’s the last roof we will ever have to install.

We do believe that not all roofing companies OR steel roofs are the same and that’s why we want you to know that Superior Steel Roofing is the only company we would recommend. If you want peace of mind that the job will be done right; then you need Superior Steel Roofing Systems.

Most importantly, with my hectic schedule and traveling, I now know that my family and house are protected. Both the workmanship and the aesthetic beauty of the roof have taken a large weight off of my shoulders… so I can get back to what I love to do and that is, fishing!

Bob Izumi


My new steel roof was installed by your company in early October 2016 and I appreciate it more every day! It feels so cozy and provides the protection, operation, and look that I was seeking from a new roof.

The salesperson, the scheduler, and the installation crew were all very professional – all commitments were satisfied in full or beyond, and every person could answer my questions.

I highly recommend this company and its product, as did all of the previous Superior customers that I spoke with before making this investment.

I am confident that I made the right decision.

Gail Gimpelj